Wordle Strategies & Tips

Quick Tips, Strategies and Help to Solve Puzzles Faster

Here is a list of strategy suggestions that will improve you daily Wordle Play. If you follow these basic tips you will instantly become a better player who can solve every Wordle puzzle and you’ll also solve them all in fewer guesses. And that’s the goal right? Solver quicker so you can post to your favorite social media site and get lots of accolades from all your friends and family. You don’t even have to cheat to use these list of helpful actions. And if you do need some additional help, you can always look up the answer on the home page of Wordle Answer Today and you can get help solving each level by using a Wordle Solver that will give you a list of possible solutions based on each guess you have made.

  1. 1. It seems obvious, but take your time.
    2. Make sure you use a good starting word. Your first guess is the key to solving each puzzle faster. The likelihood of guessing the Wordle on your first guess is very slim, so the best approach is to use a word that has the most common letters in the alphabet, so you get as many hints at the secret word as possible. Take a look at the Best Wordle Starting Words page for a list of the best words to start with.
    3. Don’t use words with repeat letters unless you are sure it’s the correct answer. Example: TEASE. This seems like a good word, because T, E, A and S are very common words in the English language, but you are actually short changing yourself out of a letter by using a word with 2 Es. This means that you are losing 20% of the possible clues that you could get instead.
    4. The best strategy to solve in 3-4 guesses is actually guessing two words that have 10 completely different letters in your first two guesses. This approach gives you a lot of letter coverage. It’s possible to choose 2 words with 10 different letters that are all in the most common letters used and have a very good idea of what the word will be. Example: ARISE, CLOUT. Yes, it’s better to use a second word that contains complete different letters than your first, even if the first word contains Yellow or Green letters. The exception is obviously if you think you can solve on your second guess. Another example of a good starting pair are: HEROS and DAINT
    5. This one seems obvious also, but if you have green letters revealed, make sure you don’t use them in a wrong position in a future guess. As stated in previous tips (above) we recommend not using those letters at all until you’ve figured out what the secret word actually is.
    6. If you think the word is too obscure, it probably is. Since the New York Times bought Wordle, many people suggested that the puzzles got more difficult. This isn’t the case, there just happened to be a run of more difficult words at the time the game was switched over to their site. For the most part though, the daily puzzles are not obscure words and they also are not racy or questionable, so you can eliminate those types of words.
    7. Finally, remember that words can contain repeat letters. So just because a guess contains a green letter in a certain position, it does not mean that is the only place that letter appears in the secret word.