Wordle Answers Today

How To Play Wordle

Wordle is a word game where you try to guess a five letter secret work in 6 tries. It has its roots in the kids game Hangman. In Wordle each guess must be a legitimate 5 letter word that is found in the English language. You can browse and search the Wordle Dictionary to see if a word is valid before you guess. Once you enter your guess using the on-screen keyboard, each letter in your guess will turn one of three colors: green, yellow or gray. Green indicates that the letter is in the secret word and that it is also in the correct position. Yellow indicates that the letter is in the secret word, but it is not in the correct position. Gray indicates that the letter is not in the secret word. There is a new Wordle every single day at midnight in your timezone.

One thing to be aware of is that sometimes the secret word repeats a letter. So a given letter may show as green, indicating that it is in the word and it is in the correct position, but it does not mean that letter does not appear again in the secret word somewhere else.

You get 6 guesses. You them wisely. If you need help, try the Wordle Solver to help you guess the secret word in fewer tries or you can just head straight to the home page of this site and check out the Word Answer Today.