Other Wordle Games

Check Out These Wordle Clones

As with any game that becomes a world-wide sensation, like Wordle, there are always tons of clones.  With Wordle, it’s no different.  There are exact clones for iOS and Android.  There are games based on Wordle with specific themes, like the band BTS, or words from the Bible.  There are versions with six letter words instead of five.  There are even versions where you play 8 different Wordle style puzzles – all at the same time!

Here are some of our favorite Wordle Clones:

Word Guess – iOS Clone
This version of Wordle is an exact clone.  It has all the same rules and it even has the same color scheme – Green, Yellow and Gray colors and letters and six guesses to answer the secret word.  One nice difference in this game is that you can play an unlimited number of puzzles, so you aren’t locked in to just one game per day, like the original.  You can find more information at Word Guess Solver.

Wordus – iOS Clone
This is another version for Apple devices that’s available in the App Store.  Again, this is a straight clone of Wordle.  Six guesses to solve the 5 letter word.  Like Word Guess, you can play unlimited puzzles so that makes this version quite popular.  One difference is a slight variation on the design of the game screens.  They use orange instead of yellow, but besides that it’s pretty similar.  More info on Wordus can be found here: Wordus Solver.